Pressmedia, a publishing house specialized in the AV industry, is happy to present the Integration Guide 2023, a complete directory aimed at the audiovisual and integration industry. Manufacturers, installers, AV systems integrators, importers and distributors are all welcomed to enjoy this interesting network of contacts from sectors such as conference systems, collaboration, AV corporate, universities, education, digital signage, DooH (outdoor advertising), retail (commerce), intelligent buildings, security and architecture 4.0. 

Explore the possibilities of networking. Meet suppliers and market interests worldwide. Connect with any brand, installer and supplier around the globe. Use this amazing tool to expand your business connections. No matter if you need the product, manufacture it, install it or are the end user: this guide is for you.


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" Integration Guide 2023 is the directory of manufacturers, importers, dealers, system integration companies and installers. Your network of contacts to deal with installations and the company, product and service most suited to your needs. ISP Integration Magazine"

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