2024 Audiovisual Guide. New hardcopy and digital edition

The printed and digital directory most specialized in the audiovisual market. A complete guide to products and services, fully revised, which includes the most important companies. In the audiovisual technology sectors for events and entertainment, to which the 2023 edition adds fixed installation and audiovisual integration for corporate, retail, smart building, education and architecture 4.0. DooH, conference and collaboration, hospitality, etc. Manage providers and points of interest globally. Connect with any brand, installer and provider on the planet. A tool to expand your business connections in the domotic, automatization and audiovisual sectors.

Guia newlogo2023

"The Audiovisual Guide 2024 is a comprehensive directory that brings together manufacturers, importers, distributors, rental companies, auditoriums, TV studios/virtual production, installers, and integrators in one place. In its fifth edition, it has been updated to address audiovisual integration in various sectors, such as corporate, retail, DooH, architecture, and 4.0 security, smart building, AV in universities, conferences, and collaboration.
Furthermore, the guide includes a dedicated section on audiovisual integration trends and entertainment technology anticipated for the year 2024. It solidifies itself as the definitive directory for the audiovisual sector and its market verticals, providing essential information for those involved in the audiovisual industry"




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